Brexit en Cosmetica

Brexit is a fact! Starting in 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. As a consequence, the European Cosmetic regulation is no longer valid for cosmetic products that are sold on the UK market

If you plan to sale a cosmetics product on the EU market, you need to comply with the regulation as stated in Cosmeticregulation 1223/2009. This EU regulation is currently being copied by the UK. The major differences will occur when either the UK or EU decides to change its regulation. However, all cosmetic products need to be registered in a separate UK portal CPNP.

Brexit: what do I need to take into account? 

As stated before the regulation between the UK and EU stays the same for now. Nevertheless, as a responsible person, you need to pay close attention to the consequences of Brexit. You might wonder what will change for you? Well, it depends on the situation. I’ll explain it!

I am bringing products from the UK to the EU market

Wanneer je producten vanuit de UK op de Europese markt brengt, veranderden er twee zaken.

  1. The Artwork

    Starting 1st of Januari you need to disclose where the product is made! (‘Made in’)

  2. Responsible Person

    The Responsible person of the cosmetic product needs to be a European entity. Since the UK has now left the EU, you will need a Responsible Person from the EU. SkinConsult can be the responsible person for your cosmetic products!

I want to launch a cosmetic product in the UK after brexit

Like mentioned before, starting 1st of January 2021, the cosmetic regulation between the UK and EU are now disconnected. When selling a cosmetic product in the UK, you will need to follow the local regulation. The current PIF are valid in the UK. Nevertheless, a couple of things will change!

  1. Responsible Person

    You will need a UK Responsible person. You don’t have an office or a valid address in the UK? No problem, SkinConsult can help you out!

  2. Artwork
    The country where the product was produced needs to be stated on the cosmetic product. Made in the EU is not sufficient.
  3. Product registration

    The UK is currently developing its own portal, which will be comparable to the CPNP. Every cosmetic product which will be launched on the UK market will need to be registered on the portal. This means that products that were being sold before the 1st of January 2021 also need to be registered on this portal. SkinConsult is already up to speed on UK CPNP and can help you register your product.

  4. Safety Assessor

    In the UK the approval and certification of a safety assessor go a bit different. The UK needs to approve a safety assessor. Only after this approval, a safety assessor is allowed to conduct safety assessments under the UK cosmetic regulation. All of our safety assessors are UK approved!

  5. Future regulation

  6. Even though the regulation between the UK and EU are pretty similar at the moment, they will start to diverge more with time. If you sell your products on both markets, it is extremely important to monitor the regulation closely. SkinConsult works with a database and portal, which means we will be able to keep you updated on changes in the regulation, and more importantly, how this affects your product.

    ‘We keep you posted and help you!’

Is there a transition period for cosmetic after Brexit

No! The new UK regulation starts 1st of January 2021. There will be no transition period.

I am already selling cosmetic products in the United Kingdom.

In this case, you can keep selling your products for the next 2 years following the EU regulation. However, you need to notify the product at the CPNP portal of the UK. SkinConsult can help you with this. You can keep selling your products under the EU regulation for these 2 years or until you release a new batch. Starting that moment, you need to comply with the EU cosmetic regulation.

I am planning to sell cosmetic products in the United Kingdom

If you are going to sell cosmetic products that are new fo the EU market you will need to comply straightway with the UK market. We would love to help you with this!

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