Changes in the SkinConsult team

A number of changes take place within the team.

Roberto has decided to leave SkinConsult. He will be researching allergic reactions. We will miss Roberto very much and wish him the best of luck with this new challenge. Also, Jesca will be leaving our team. She will focus on her PhD. Fortunately, there are also two new employees who will join the SkinConsult team. Asja and Sophie have been working at SkinConsult since the end of March. Asja graduated in pharmacology (College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) from Utrecht University. In addition to her studies, she also gained work experience with pharmaceutical products and data analysis. She started her position as a data miner at SkinConsult in March 2021. Her responsibility is to analyze data and produce a report on it.

Besides my work, I like to go hiking or bouldering. On a work-free day you will probably find me in the kitchen because I really enjoy trying out new recipes and organizing dinners for my friends and family. ‘

Sophie is also looking forward to it!

‘SkinConsult offers good growth opportunities. But I soon found out that this is not only for our employees, but also for our customers. We try to give them all the tools to grow using safe products. SAFETY FIRST! ‘

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