Cosmetic Safety Assessments

Cosmetic Safety Assessments

A Cosmetic Safety Assessment (Safety Assessment) is required for each cosmetic product on the European market. SkinConsult has many years of experience in conducting Safety Assessments for cosmetic products. We work with all types of products.

SkinConsult Cosmetic Safety Assessments are:

  • Scientifically based
  • Delivered promptly
  • Conducted by a certified assessor
  • In accordance with European legislation

Due to the extensive knowledge and experience gained in the area of dermatology and Allergology, SkinConsult has in-depth knowledge about the interaction between the skin and a product’s ingredients. A safety certificate can only be issued providing that the product can be used without adverse effects.

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How is a Cosmetic Safety Assessment conducted?

Knowledge, experience and information are necessary to assess the safety of a cosmetic product. A qualified safety assessor will look at the general toxicological profile of the ingredient, its chemical structure and the level of exposure of the different ingredients in the product.

The Margin of Safety (MoS) for each ingredient can be calculated based on scientific data. The MoS values consequently lead to conclusions about the safety of the cosmetic product.

In Safety Assessment, we look not only at the product, but also at the production process. The quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the use of additives are all checked.