Product Information File

Product Information File

A Product Information File is required for each cosmetic product on the European market. The file contains all information on the product, from manufacturing to labeling.

SkinConsult knows exactly how a Product Information File should be compiled. We will gladly do this for you! We can also augment, check or conform files.

SkinConsult Product Information Files are:

  • Are guaranteed to comply with all legal requirements
  • Are compiled by a professional team
  • Contain a scientifically substantiated Safety Assessment

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How is the Product Information File created?

The Product Information File (PIF) is a collection of documents. The Cosmetics Regulations set stringent requirements for the information that must be available in the file. When compiling a file, it is important that all the information is available and processed in the correct manner.

A Safety Assessment is the most important component of the Product Information File. SkinConsult conducts the Safety Assessment based on the documents provided, which include GMP certificates, results of laboratory tests and examples of labels and packaging. The Safety Assessment and the associated documentation are merged into a single file.

You can consult the package for more information about the Product Information File.