Legislative change European Commission: Fragrance allergens in cosmetics

There is a plan ready from the European Commission for new legislation on fragrance allergens in cosmetics. We will tell you how you can prepare for this legislative change.

Fragrances and allergens in cosmetics

Fragrances are added to, among other things, cosmetic products to give them a pleasant smell.

However, these fragrances may contain allergens that can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

It’s important for consumers to be able to check the product for this when purchasing, so that they don’t buy products that give them an allergic reaction.

Cosmetics regulation on allergens

Until now, the Cosmetics Regulation has included 26 allergens in Annex III.

If their maximum concentration in a product is exceeded (>0.001% in leave-on products and >0.01% in rinse-off products), their presence must be stated on the ingredient list.

There’s a proposal from the European Commission to expand this list with another 56 allergens, bringing the total to 82. Read the draft of the amendment here.

Which allergens are involved?

Allergens are included in Annex III of the European Cosmetic Regulation. You can read the proposal to amend Annex III here.

What does this mean for me as a cosmetics producer?

The European Commission currently plans to publish the new legislation in Q3 2023.

It will take effect 20 days later and a so-called transition period will start.

This period is 3 years for new products (not yet on the market) and 5 years for existing products.

Can SkinConsult help me prepare for this legislative change?

We’d be happy to help you prepare an action plan.

We can check which of your products are involved in this legislative amendment and give you advice on any changes you need to make to your products.

SkinConsult would love to help you put together a plan of action

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