Find out whether your cosmetics are safe in no time

As a cosmetics producer, you shouldn’t take end users’ health and safety lightly. You will want to bring products to market with confidence.

A cosmetic product safety report (CPSR) forms the basic requirement for your product to enter the market. With our cosmetic safety assessments, you’ll get such a report in no time.

SkinConsult Cosmetics Safety Assessment:

  • Products immediately conform to regulation
  • Step-by-step guidance with focus on priorities relevant now
  • Database with 9000+ ingredients to assess safety quickly

We've brought 6.500 products to market for companies like...

Our process


Inventorising information

First, we chart which product information is already available. This data is reviewed by our safety assessors. They know exactly which data is sufficient, and what else needs to be submitted.


Supplement data where needed

Next, we get to work supplementing your product information. We make sure there's no missing or incomplete data. This way, we can quickly get started with the Cosmetics Safety Assessment itself.


Safety assessment itself

Then our allergology experts perform the Cosmetic Safety Assessment. A safety declaration is only issued once it's proven using the product won't cause side effects.

Step by step guidance for a carefree process

Our safety assessments are divided into 4 sprints of 1 week. Because of this agile approach, you receive optimal, carefree guidance, with focus on priorities relevant now. This ensures the results are thorough and secure.

Fast delivery and fully compliant: guaranteed success, each and every time

Our delivery time of 4 weeks and database of 9000+ ingredients ensures you’ll develop prototypes and bring new cosmetics to market at top speed.

Keep your products on the shelves and your end users safe

Your cosmetics are recalled, too, when they turn out to be unsafe. Except when you work with SkinConsult, of course.

Any questions on your side?

How long does it take, on average, to bring a product to market safely?

This depends on the amount of product information available already. This is why we divide projects into week-long sprints, to be booked in flexibly.

On average, it takes 4 week-long sprints to bring a product to market safely. The biggest bottleneck is whether shelf life has been tested yet; a shelf life test can take 2-4 months.

I was visited by the authorities and my products aren't compliant. What now?

Don’t panic, you won’t be the first. Our team of experts is ready to help you get back on track.

For disapproved products like these we have a special fast-track services to a) find out what the problem is, b) come up with a step-by-step plan to solve the problem and c) actually fixing the problem.

We can also help you communicatie with the authorities, so you’re not going up against them alone.

Why would I have my cosmetics products tested in the first place?

As Responsible Person you are legally obliged to sell safe products. You can prove your products are save by doing a safety assessment.

This safety assessment needs to be done according to industry standards, so the authorities can check it easily.

Which legislation applies to my cosmetics products?

The basic legislation is the Cosmetic Regulation. This is a European legislation that applies to all cosmetics in Europe, called EC 1223/2009.

The second important piece of legislation is the Cosmetics Claim Regulation EC 655/2013, which states what cosmetic claims may look like.

In addition to these two laws, there are also a number of other legislations that may (in)directly apply, such as the Aerosols Directive 75/324/EEC for cosmetics sold in aerosol cans.