Safety-as-a-Service for importers

As an importer, you no longer need to be a Formula 1 driver to comply with cosmetic legislation. SkinConsult helps you with every step on your compliance journey.

This allows you to bring cool and safe products to markets faster than the speed of light.

SkinConsult Safety-as-a-Service

  • Compliance on Cruise Control
  • Beauty Blueprint
  • Always-on Support

We have brought more than 9.000 products to market for importers like...

Why importers love to work with SkinConsult

Without SkinConsult

  • Unsafe cosmetics
  • Insufficient compliance
  • Slow review process
  • No overview
  • Risk fines

With SkinConsult

  • Sell safe cosmetics
  • Always compliant
  • < 4 weeks lead time
  • Clear overview
  • Zero risk of fines

Compliance on Cruise Control

Companies that import cosmetics often leave compliance matters until the last minute. This causes them to face negative consequences such as a delayed launch or even the release of an unsafe product on the market.

With SkinConsult, you tackle compliance pro-actively, ahead of time. This way, your products reaches the shelves faster than those of your competitors.


Beauty Blueprint

Cosmetics importers often introduce entire product lines all at once. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other occasions. Tight timings, fast delivery.

SkinConsult analyses the product early on from its conceptual phase, in order to see which safety and compliance claims can or can’t be made. This way, the released product is not only safe, but also easy to sell.


Always-on Support

Unexpected questions coming from your retailers or end-consumers that leave you unsure how to answer? Authorities suddenly checking your products requiring additional information?

With SkinConsult, you have access to a team of experts who can answer these questions with ease, so that you can focus on importing better products to the EU.

Keep your products on the shelves and your end users safe

Your cosmetics are recalled, too, when they turn out to be unsafe. Except when you work with SkinConsult, of course.

Any questions on your side?

What is the average duration to bring a fully compliant product to a market?

This highly depends on the amount of information about the product that is readily available. That is why we split projects in weekly sprints that can be activated on a flexible basis.

On average it takes 4 of these sprints to get a product fully compliant. The biggest bottleneck is whether the product shelf-life was already tested, since this is a test that takes at least 2-4 months.

My products were examined by authorities and they do not comply. What’s next?

Don’t panic, you’re not the first one this happens to. Our team of experts is ready to help you.

We have a special emergency process for authority inspections to a) see where the problem lies, b) make a step-by-step plan to solve the problem and c) actually fix the problem.

We can also help with communicating with the authorities, so you are certainly not left alone.

Why should I care about cosmetic compliance anyways?

As a Responsible Person you are legally obliged to sell safe products. Demonstrating product safety is done by creating a cosmetics safety assessment (or letting someone do this for you).

This safety assessment follows a standardized format which allows it to be easily checked by the authorities.

Which legislations applies to my cosmetic products?

The basic legislation is the Cosmetic Regulation. This is an EU law which is directly applicable to all cosmetics in Europe. This law is called EC 1223/2009.

The second important piece of legislation is the Cosmetics Claim Regulation EC 655/2013, which describes how to make correct claims for cosmetics.

Besides these two laws there are also other legislations that (in)directly apply to cosmetics. For example, think of the Aerosols Directive 75/324/EEG for cosmetics packaged in spray cans.

I'm importing my products via Alibaba or Amazon, that should not be a problem, right?

Unfortunately, we have seen that this is often not that easy. The European Cosmetics Law differs from the Cosmetic Legislation of China, the USA and other regions. This is why you need different (and additional) product information in Europe.

The problem is that your suppliers often can’t (or don’t want to) share this information. This prevents your products from being compliant under EU law. Of course, you are responsible for your products, and all their consequences if they are not compliant.

That’s why we highly recommend to outsource the manufacturing of your cosmetic products to a trustworthy partner who is familiar with EU legislation.

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