Safety-as-a-Service for retailers

Consumers are becoming increasingly critical and ask a lot of questions about your products. Not only if these products are safe, but also if they are free from micro-plastics and PFAS, and whether or not they are vegan.

The answers to these questions lay somewhere in the supply chain, but are often hard to get your hands on. How do your suppliers actually guarantee that these products are even safe?

SkinConsult Safety-as-a-Service

  • Regulatory Radar
  • Strategic Product Launch Support
  • Always-on Support

We have brought more than 9.000 products to market for retailers like...

Why retailers love to work with SkinConsult

Without SkinConsult

  • Unsafe cosmetics
  • Too many complex issues
  • Chase after issues
  • No overview
  • Risk of recalls

With SkinConsult

  • Safety for end-consumers
  • Clear expert advice
  • Look ahead
  • Complete overview
  • Zero risk of recalls

Regulatory Radar

If you find out about a change in the law too late, this has a huge impact on your product line. Think of empty shelves, or even complete recalls for ingredients banned suddenly.

With SkinConsult you have real-time access to the legal status of your products as well as an overview of what actions are needed to make them ready for sale (again).


Strategic Product Launch Support

Bringing a product line to market is costly. This must be done right the first time, to prevent unpleasant surprises afterwards.

SkinConsult helps with strategic issues when rolling out a new product line. This also includes special cosmetics like baby products, borderlines and specific product positioning.


Always-on Support

Unexpected inspection of the authorities or contamination of a product? Product recalls have enormous consequences.

At SkinConsult, we dare to provide you with that second opinion. With us, you finally have a partner to discuss those difficult technical questions with. We help you make the right choice, quickly.

Keep your products on the shelves and your end users safe

Your cosmetics are recalled, too, when they turn out to be unsafe. Except when you work with SkinConsult, of course.

Any questions on your side?

How do you help retailers with product compliance?

We can check the products of your suppliers. Whether we make a CPSR of this ourselves, or give a second opinion on a CPSR that has been made elsewhere.

In addition, we connect to your ERP system to keep track of thousands of products. If the legislations change, we will immediately send you an alert about the products that require action.

I have an issue with a completely different product category, can you also help me with this?

Yes, for issues such as contamination, making a risk assessment is the first step. Whether you’re talking about cosmetics, finger paint or children’s cutlery, we can help.

Based on such a risk assessment, you can make a well-founded decision whether or not to recall the product from the market.

Can you also provide training for our marketing team for them to become familiar with the cosmetics legislation?

We can provide such training, as our CEO Alex has been training other safety assessors through Cosmetics Consultants Europe for years and has previously provided training at L’Oréal, amongst others.

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