Protect your cosmetics against bacteria and moulds with a challenge test

Cosmetics products are often attractive breeding grounds for bacteria and moulds. A challenge test is meant to check the microbial shelf life of a product.

Is your product properly protected against bacteria and moulds? Get your definite answer with a challenge test by SkinConsult.

SkinConsult Challenge tests:

  • Collaboration with the expert centre for cosmetics microbiology
  • Lightning fast results, with scores and updates in between
  • Hassle-free; we take everything off your hands

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Our process


Send in your product

If your product requires a challenge test, send it over to us. In its final packaging or a different one - as long as it’s at least 200 ml.


Let’s test!

We send the product to the microbial lab. The lab initiates the test. We share weekly scores with you.



After a week or 5 we’ll receive the end result. Positive? This means testing is over. Didn’t make it? We’ll help you take care of this, directly.

Find out whether your cosmetics have properly preservation

Many cosmetics products can rot or get mouldy. That’s why we need to protect them with preservatives. Challenge tests prove whether a product has proper preservation.

Challenge testing is part of the safety assessment

Proper preservation of cosmetics product is an important aspect of the safety assessment. Only a product with good preservation can be sold on the market.

Check the preservation of your cosmetics products

Is your product properly protected against bacteria and moulds? SkinConsult tests this for you.