Test your cosmetics for perishability with stability tests

Consumers want safe products that last long. We test a product’s perishability through stability tests.

Instead of waiting 3 years to test a perishability of 3 years, we perform a high-temperature test in the shorter timespan of 3-6 months.

SkinConsult Stability Tests:

  • Personal advice on which test best suits your product
  • Regular updates during testing process
  • Product isn’t stable? We help fix this

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Our process


Send in your products

Together, we decide which test makes most sense. Next, we’ll tell you how many products we need for testing, so you can send them over.


Let’s test!

After we’ve received them, we start testing the products straightaway. You get monthly updates on how the product is doing. We raise the alarm over anything that’s out of place.



You get a report the moment the test’s finished. In this report you’ll find all results, as well as the exact perishability of the product. You can now add expiry dates to your labels.

Only sell cosmetics products that last long

It’s mandatory to prove a product’s shelf life. Not only should labels reflect its length, but this is also a mandatory part of safety assessments. You are only allowed to sell products with proper shelf lives.

Stability tests take time

Perishability tests are the most time-consuming cosmetic tests, because they have to prove the actual shelf life of products. So start these tests on time.

Have your cosmetics tested for perishability

Consumers want products that have long shelf lives. SkinConsult takes care of this for you.