About us

The story of Skinconsult

Folkert's passion for toxicology and allergology of cosmetics started as a student in his time. During his Chemistry and Medicine courses, he was already involved in safety assessments for various companies. But when he became a father, he really realized that as a parent you should be able to trust that cosmetics are safe for your child.

Following changes to the cosmetic regulations in 2013, it became more difficult for cosmetic companies to comply with EU cosmetics legislation. Folkert took this opportunity to establish SkinConsult so that he can help companies with the safety of their products. SkinConsult stands for safe cosmetic products on the European market. Our team of experts is ready to assess your products for the European consumer market. Knowledge, experience and perseverance are the driving forces behind our company. We strive for a quick, prompt and pleasant cooperation. Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of success.

In our working method we use Objectives and Key Results (OKR), which are adjusted every quarter. From these OKRs follow weekly page that we are working on in that time frame. You will receive a preliminary report from us within a week. We then complete the assignment completely within four weeks, whereby we also depend on the documentation to be supplied by you as a customer. We guarantee the quality of our work with our ISO-9001 certificate.