Brexit and Cosmetics

Brexit en Cosmetics

Brexit is a fact! Starting in 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. As a consequence, the European Cosmetic regulation is no longer valid for cosmetic products that are sold on the UK market

If you plan to sale a cosmetics product on the EU market, you need to comply with the regulation as stated in Cosmeticregulation 1223/2009. This EU regulation is currently being copied by the UK. The major differences will occur when either the UK or EU decides to change its regulation. However, all cosmetic products need to be registered in a separate UK portal CPNP.

Brexit: what do I need to take into account? 

As stated before the regulation between the UK and EU stays the same for now. Nevertheless, as a responsible person, you need to pay close attention to the consequences of Brexit. You might wonder what will change for you? Well, it depends on the situation. I'll explain it!

Is er dan geen overgangsperiode voor cosmetica na de Brexit? De nieuwe wetgeving gaat direct per 1 januari 2021 in. Dit houdt niet in dat er geen overgangsperiode wordt gehanteerd. Ik heb verkoop al producten in het Verenigd Koninkrijk In dat geval kan je dit de komende 2 jaar blijven doen onder de Europese wetgeving. Wel dien je de cosmetica aan te melden bij de Britse CPNP portal. Hier kan SkinConsult je mee helpen. Je kan dit onder de Europese wetgeving blijven doen, tot dat er een nieuwe batch op de markt wordt gezet. Vanaf dat moment dien je te voldoen aan de Britse wetgeving. De grootste acties heb je hierboven al kunnen lezen: het artwork en de responsible person moeten op orde zijn. Ik ga producten verkopen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk In dit geval moet je per direct voldoen aan de nieuwe wetgeving. Op dit moment is dat geen verregaande veranderingen. We helpen je hier graag bij, zodat jij met een gerust hart cosmetica op de markt kan zetten!

I am bringing products from the UK to the EU market

Wanneer je producten vanuit de UK op de Europese markt brengt, veranderden er twee zaken.

  • The Artwork

Starting 1st of January you need to disclose where the product is made! ('Made in')

  • Responsible Person

    The Responsible person of the cosmetic product needs to be a European entity. Since the UK has now left the EU, you will need a Responsible Person from the EU. SkinConsult can be the responsible person for your cosmetic products!

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How is a Cosmetic Safety Assessment conducted?

Knowledge, experience and information are necessary to assess the safety of a cosmetic product. A qualified safety assessor will look at the general toxicological profile of the ingredient, its chemical structure and the level of exposure of the different ingredients in the product.

The Margin of Safety (MoS) for each ingredient can be calculated based on scientific data. The MoS values consequently lead to conclusions about the safety of the cosmetic product.

In Safety Assessment, we look not only at the product, but also at the production process. The quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the use of additives are all checked.