Stability test

Stability test (incl. compatibility)

The stability test for a cosmetic product is performed to determine the shelf life of a product. With this, the responsible person substantiates the shelf life declared on the packaging. This test must be carried out in the final packaging in order to exclude any interaction between packaging and product.

Performing a stability test for cosmetics is mandatory according to the Cosmetic Regulation, EC 1223/2009. This means that the stability test is a fixed part of the safety assessment (CPSR) and the Product Information File (PIF). The aforementioned files are incomplete without the stability test.

SkinConsult is happy to help you compile the complete file, including the stability test.

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How is a Stability Test performed?

In the stability test, the cosmetic product is tested at various temperatures. This involves testing at room temperature and an elevated temperature of up to 55 degrees Celsius. Testing at a higher temperature under laboratory conditions simulates ageing of your product. This allows you to demonstrate the shelf life for your product over a longer period of time.

The stability test looks at a number of properties.

  • The color of the product
  • The smell of the product
  • The viscosity of the product
  • The pH value of the product
  • The appearance of the product

The number of products in the final package that is needed to perform the test depends on the content per package. Depending on the product type and volume, SkinConsult indicates how many units are needed to successfully measure the stability.

The duration of the stability test is three to four months. The exact duration depends on the chemical composition of the product and final packaging. If your product and final packaging are stable at 55 degrees, the stability test may be completed after three months. If this is not the case, SkinConsult will test for a month longer at 45 degrees. Then, the total time required for testing is four months.