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In Skinsights, you’ll read everything about cosmetics safety, GMP, the latest RAPEX-notifications or the newest EU legislation. We’ll also dive into the world of individual cosmetics ingredients and much, much more.

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RAPEX alerts in the cosmetics industry: wake-up calls for producers and consumers

Cosmetic products must be safe for use. But who checks this in the EU? And what happens when a product turns out NOT to be safe?

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Microplastics in cosmetics: what do you need to know?

Many companies want to market their cosmetic products as ‘microplastic-free’. How do you do this and to what should you pay attention?

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How to test and approve cosmetics in 5 steps

In order to test and safely bring cosmetics to market, you will need to follow a number of different steps.

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Safety assessment for cosmetics: everything you need to know

The safety of cosmetic products must be determined with a safety assessment before the product can be sold in stores.

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CPSR for cosmetics: what is this report and how do you get it?

A cosmetic product safety report (CPSR) is a report on a cosmetic product that states whether the product is safe.

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Cosmetics & the EU: what is the CPNP notification?

Cosmetics are subject to strict regulations in many places – including the EU – to keep them safe. One such system is the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), which has been created for this purpose.

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